Middle East children and education

More then 12 million children in the Middle East are not being educated reported UNICEF.The figure does not include children forced from school by the conflicts in Syria and Iraq, who would bring the total not receiving an education to 15 million, the agency said in a new report.An additional 5.1 million children are not getting a year of pre-primary school education, bringing the total number of the region’s children out of school to 12.3 million.

That figure represents around 15 percent of the children in the Middle East who should be receiving pre-primary, primary or secondary education.

In many cases, families could not afford costs associated with schooling, including books and uniforms, or the loss of income from a child who could be put to work.

“In countries where a substantial group of children remain out of school, they are predominantly from the poorest households in rural areas,” the report says.

Gender discrimination also remains a factor.

t proposes three main recommendations, including a focus on early childhood development (ECD), noting that pre-primary education is an area where the disparity between wealthy and poor children is most stark in the region.

“Levelling the playing field in terms of equal access to ECD is a matter of urgency,” it said.

It also urges a cross-sector approach to helping children enter school, pointing out that factors from transportation to health can affect whether a child is enrolled or not.

From this number it is pretty clear that children pay the price for the future.Many of them dont know how school looks, but already have seen guns, soldiers


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